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Alexandra Eliseeva stands as a prominent artist and visionary, actively contributing to the global art scene with her participation in international art projects. Her artworks have been exhibited in China, Singapore, the UAE, Germany, and the Czech Republic. The creative portfolio is distinguished by an inventive approach and a broad spectrum of artistic vision.

Alexandra skillfully navigates through the disciplines of painting, sculpture, and projection art, adeptly merging diverse techniques and materials. This approach enriches her compositions with added dimensions of interpretation, accentuating the depth of creative thinking. Her works, marked by precise aesthetic detail and finesse, often reveal underlying meanings, providing the audience with an opportunity to engage deeply with their own inner experiences.

Departing from literal representations of human figures, Alexandra Eliseeva embraces allegorical expressions, where animals become symbolic reflections of human emotions and mental states. Her artistry is characterized by the fusion of innovative and classical techniques, thereby broadening the horizons of established art. Each canvas she creates embodies a distinct story, where oil paints intersect with unconventional materials, resulting in thought-provoking imagery.

The artist sources inspiration from a rich tapestry of imagination, where each object, creature, and person is ascribed its own distinct narrative. In her artistic creations, she actualizes this vision, transforming every component into an animate entity with a personal story to tell. This method opens up a complex web of interactions, with the subtle details intricately shaping both the storyline and the emotive depth of her work.


Alexandra's art pieces extend beyond visual aesthetics and function as platforms for intellectual and emotional interaction, offering fresh perspectives on comprehending human nature and facilitating self- exploration.

Artist Statement

« Creativity is a desire to change the world. I employ technology and create objects that affect the surrounding space and the feelings of other people. »


I am a very empathetic and attentive observer.

I transfer my observations to the canvas, each painting for me is like a new story about a person or even a whole generation.

All my characters are impersonal, I often portray them as animals

I am attracted by the analysis of intense feelings, I try to portray them in my works (the experience of death, hope, inner fears)


I have always liked classical painting, recently I started experimenting with style.

I like to complement my work with flat geometric shapes or lines that contrast structurally with a realistic depiction. Besides paints, I like to use new materials such as liquid silicone, glitter or fluorescent lamps.

I also use AR and VR  in some of my artworks.

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