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Alexandra's new original artwork series "The Dogs " is also about a man as an individual. It's about the person, its identity, and its complexity. It’s about the bygone fears of the whole nation and its reflection in coeval man. A plenitude of red is rebellion, revolution, silent war underneath. Every hero inside the painting and the one looking at it is strained to the limit. He is tired, exhausted, but he does not surrender under pressure. The visual play of colors and forms is exciting at first, eye-catching as a symbol. However, color intensity and the character’s personal experience complexity does not carry out his defeat, but the borderline moment at which his fate hangs in the balance. There is no sense of imminent failure in this fateful moment.





oil, canvas, ink on canvas


IMG_1038 (1).JPG

 The war is over. But what if there is no happily ever after. People used to consider ancient pagan myths and tales of the Grimm Brothers questionable. But now we accuse Harry Potter of racism and sexism. Has the world become any better? Or have our standards of kindness, tolerance, and acceptance increased to the unreachable level?  Has anyone ever reached that level? Has anyone become a superman? Have you met him/her?  It seems like we've come a long way, but haven't found something that everyone considers equally valuable. Rather, we find excuses for what is worth shedding blood for. Is the world turning backward and we are going back to special areas in transport, cafes, and cinemas? Will people have to wear special marks again? Is that a segregation of our century? Who decides which bad is worse? Have we really drew the line where the crime begins?

No road signs




Oil,canvas, ink on canvas



When someone doesn't listen to their inner voices, the voices get quieter and quieter. It's like hitting the road in the fog. The road shows and disappears and at some point, you don't really see the way, don't see the signs. You think to yourself "I swear they moved the sign". But it was you who made it when you stopped listening to yourself and started living your life using someone else's scenario. And now. Where is the freedom everybody talks about?






Oil on canvas




Counting the ghosts. How many of them are still around? Sometimes ghosts are not some glowing creatures in white sheets. Ghosts are words. The words that create a box and put you in it. Four walls so strong and tight that no light can penetrate from the outside. So tight that it’s even hard to think about it. So tight that you can’t hear the outside voices telling you it’s not real. Tight and getting tighter. You try to step back until you hit the wall, It can leave red marks on your skin now. You are in the box. Is that the box so small or is that you are too big for it? It’s getting harder to breath now. Is someone coming for me? Should I fight the box? Is it real? I don’t remember.



Oil, thread on canvas 







Paper, paint, airbrush, acrylic, graphite on cardboard



English sailors had to stitch their sails with a red yarn to avoid the thefts. This is how our precious memories are forever stitched in our souls, so that we could always know for sure that the sails that we’re sailing are ours and no one else’s. And we turn back to those memories like to a good old movie to remember where we came from and what defines us.


This moment is eternity. You may only step into the same river once. A color like a sincere melody that sounds one single time and remains once and for all. Fingerprint. First heartbeat. It happened just once, but it will have as many reflections as the eyes that saw it.

Mexican party



Oil, acrylic, latex on canvas




Mexican party.    Is it happy or sad? Chocolate and caramel, verbena, flowers, and lights. On graves. Honoring and caring. Crying and singing.  Calavera Catrina. Sugar skulls. And the dead are awakened from their eternal sleep. We will decorate their way home with candles. We'll celebrate. It's going to be a proper party.


Oil, spray paint, canvas




Oil, spray paint, thread on canvas


What is the Red Thread? The answer is both simple, and not. "Red thread of destiny refers to an invisible red thread that connects you with others." "The motive of endless search is traced like a red thread through the whole novel" IAnd if someone makes a mistake, does it mean that it missed the right track? What price do we pay to get back on the red thread. Will it still be there? In the era of quick information and ways to find it we often feel more lost than ever before. Was it easier to seek when we had to put more efford? Humanity created so many things to create easier search, yet we are still not found. After loosing the track it's so hard to find it again. Find yourself again.

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