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Not funny stories

Alexandra's artwork series "Not funny stories" is a series, of paintings in which the artist analyzes modern life and all the new problems that humanity faces. Andy Puddicombe once mentioned that a modern person is facing a non-stop information flow, like no human being before the age of technology. In the background of having all the information in the world in your pocket, people have to learn a basic things now again: good sleep, temp of life, noticing the world around them: seasons changing, the taste of the meal, a deep breath of morning air, fall in love. The paintings performed from the first-person perspective or from an outside observer tell the stories about people trying to escape their nature and seeking the way back. Because it's the technologys and laws that are reforming, the world around sometimes look more and more alike futuristic scince fiction. And the people living in it are still the same, some of us just forget it afrom time to time.


Oil on canvas





Oil on canvas




Let's debug the solution. Let's pretend that you have to explain your problem line-by-line to an inanimate object. Programmers call it  "rubber duck debugging" In describing what the code is supposed to do and observing what it actually does, any incongruity between these two becomes apparent. What would you tell to the duck? What would you ask the duck? How to realize that even though we are serious people, some of our problems are not just as serious as they seem without a depreciation? Ask the duck. Maybe it will explain why does it seem that even though we are serious people, most of the solutions were suggested by ducks.


Oil, acrylic, spray paint on canvas




There is probably no way to realize the prism of time and that everything is coming to an end when you are in the state of youth, state of being in love, the state of seems like having all the time in the world. There is no way to realize peace when your blood is boiling literally because of just one little sparkle. But somehow even not knowing these are such short and rare moments we try to document it. From the Cave of Altamira, Lascaux cave, Cave of Niaux, etc., to street art of our days From the ancient days, generations of people wanted to document their presence and love. We were here. Our hearts were beating. We were young. We were full of passion. We contemplated. We were full of fire. We were burning. We wanted to last. We still do.

Reality crush 

Oil, Mavic on canvas 

100/120 cm 



The framework between the real and the otherworld is blurred, do you feel?

We are fully digitized, we have created life beyond earthly boundaries.

Through Twitter, we turn into another reality. Time travel no longer seems impossible, all you need is just open iCloud.

We buy a drone as a pet and pay ghost coins for coffee.

We step into a fascinating new reality

with our digital ghosts.

Well, what are you gonna do with your future?

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