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A place where you can spend a day beyond the verges of the real world: in painting and sculpture, augmented and virtual reality, media and science art.


Elegant and ironic about finance, politics, jurisprudence, society. A place where you can spend a day beyond the verges of the real world: in painting and sculpture, augmented and virtual reality, media and science art. The collection of art objects, in which romanticism and aesthetics of the high-tech world of finance open up, which has no boundaries - the unity of the whole planet thanks to one industry.

However, the moment you switch to the next exhibit - and the artist offers a frank dialogue about the gloomy side of the crypto market: monopoly and intrigue, incompetence and bribes, egocentrism, greed, fraud, speculation.

But only you can choose what's real here.



100 / 100cm

Canvas, oil



One of the most significant and expensive expositions of any exhibition. A legendary picture CryptoMother is one of the first works of the project, the keeper of order among the chaos, the personification of a new
financial era.
In mid-2017, the Icon of the crypto industry was signed by the founder of Ethereum, Vitaly Buterin and has been on tour with the project already for a year.

At spring 2019 the picture will be send  into the Space and come back on Earth, after what will be tokenized. All this will make Crypto-Mother  belong to the whole world community.


In September 2017 one collector from Nevada offered several million dollars for the work. But work of the artist is worth as much as his life are.

We decided it is priceless.


Fork Ethereum


Oil on canvas (AR/VR)




Think about these girls. Maybe twice.

The beholder must understand the essence, go to the depth, change the focus, and sometimes abandon the old look, to distinguish one from the other.

Provocation is the best way to hide what everyone has in view.

Let me guess, are you still looking at ethereum?


Shadow regulator

110 / 80cm

Oil on canvas (VR/ AR)



In the conditions of decentralization, sole control is impossible; power passes to those who can maintain order. But do you know these people?

Who came to world power, bypassing all legislative restrictions, and remained in the shadows?
And what do we expect in shadow management, financial utopia or the embodiment of the theory of universal conspiracy…





100 / 100cm

Oil on canvas (AR/VR)




We are able to create a structure out of nothing, build a cult, move an empire on it, cover it with gold,
place it into the Louvre as the most valuable piece of art on Earth ever existed.

We can’t remember
that at the core of everything is a simple base, witch is
giving rise to systematic and ignoring the system.
The code consists of two numbers,
but how widely you need to think in order to understand these two numbers at least.

The same with simple truths.
There are things more dangerous than a soap bubble.
And they sparkle.



100 / 80cm

Oil on canvas (AR/VR)


IMG_1155 (1).JPG

Engoy the Era where is no more place for monopolists who are trying
to seize  the whole world with their own hands,
new archetypes of interaction are born,
where dictatorship is powerless,
where is a place of creativity and freedom,
where success depends on the efforts.

Decentralized technologies gave us much more than “digital gold” - they untied our hands.



70 / 80cm

Oil on canvas 



A precious polyhedron, the strength of which helps thousands of new projects come to light.

The symbol of faith in the potential of an individual, whose idea can be supported by millions of like-minded people who invest not only material assets in it, but also their energy,

in the expectation that the world will once again move to the next level of self-organization. Or ... a new opium for the people?




Miss Coin

Oil on canvas (AR/VR)



in the ocean of the crypto currency,
lifting the lost coins from the bottom.

She inspires enthusiasts on the most daring exploits for her.

Seductive doe carrying trophies on her horns.
She wanders in the darkest forests,
along the intricate paths of cold wallets, gracefully bypassing the robbers.

Cryptomuse, woven of the soul electronic coins.
She feels it ups and downs and can give advice to the one who is suffering.
But do not abuse the tips - she will easily change the balance of fortune, if feels greedy thoughts.





260 / 90cm

Oil on canvas


92021-08-06 22.19.21.jpg

Triptych, implying unity and cohesion, strategy, shadow management, using the unique qualities of each of the guards.

A pack of dogs - trophy hunters scattering into binary code, the ability to flicker
between the external and otherworldly worlds,
with the help of technology
become invisible and resurrect.

Here are the most beautiful trophies, collected, to silently hit the enemy.


But here is the most seductive weapon on Earth.
It cleverly passes all obstacles and gracefully seizes any benefits.
Not everyone is able to cope with this, for the guards are here only to take a curious eye away from the treasure.




Crypto father


Oil on canvas (AR/VR)




Crypto-knight which is protecting the matrix.  Each day in the world of business
is a new journey,
where we can not act without a companion.

A traveler who leads lost souls to altcoins. 
He stays in the shadows,
guiding you to growth and well-being.

The guard who accompanies the transaction.
He does not change the world,
but puts everything in its place. 

Who said that the invisible hand of the market should be punishing?





90 / 90cm

Oil on canvas (AR/VR)



Not everyone can focus on this moving creature. It attracts universal attention with its appearance, carrying with it innovations and a chance to step into a new future.

But the moment you will allow yourself to think about the "new World", you notice that you lose control - either from a dizzying upturn, or from a headache with every movement, or from the impossibility of controlling it at all.

But what if you can?

Digital gold/ Digital Art

Oil, acrylic on canvas 



IMG_0103 (1).JPG
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