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In the latest series of artworks, Alexandra Eliseeva draws inspiration from social art, paying homage to Erik Bulatov. Figurative depictions blend with abstract textual elements and flat lines, creating metaphorical compositions.

Each piece unfolds as an independent narrative, exploring the connection between genetic code and the chronicle of the past. The Russian borzoi, symbolizing time, permeates the works, imparting a distinctive dynamism.

The series of works embodies a dialogue intertwining personal perception and collective consciousness, past and present, imbuing the space with profound meaning. Each painting serves as a reflection on the nature of human existence and its sociocultural context.

The integration of pages from the journal ‘USSR in Construction’, published between 1930 and 1941, enriches the canvases with historical context. This publication subtly complements the works of Alexandra Eliseeva, revealing the social dimensions of human presence. It carries memories from the past, serving as a metaphorical means of understanding humanity's place in history and society.

The fusion of personal perception and historical material illuminates the intricate nexus between individual experience and collective consciousness, facilitating an exploration of temporality and spatiality. These artworks serve as a distinctive conduit between the past and present, fostering an appreciation of cultural heritage and prompting reflection on one's own contribution to forming the future.

The physical construction of Soviet society resonates with its ideological contours. Individuals exert influence on society, while society reciprocally shapes individuals, engendering an unceasing cycle of interaction that molds perspectives, actions, and identity.

In this context, the journal transcends its role as merely a reflection of its era, assuming the guise of a mirror wherein we discern our own ideals and contradictions.


Painting 120/150cm

Oil, canvas, journal "USSR in Construction"



Messages emanating from external sources. An enigmatic force that bolsters confidence in the decisions taken. The inner voice serves as the conduit to comprehending the intricacies of the surrounding world, granting access to latent knowledge and wisdom embedded within the subconscious. Amidst the chaos of existence, individuals seek a guiding light that speaks in the absence of words. Intuition (or instinct) embodies that guiding voice, deciphering the symbols of concealed truths within the tapestry of life's events. Intuition functions as an interpreter, adept at discerning the divine directives and preventing one from losing their way amidst the labyrinth of circumstances.


Painting 120/140cm

Oil, canvas, journal "USSR in Construction"



The efemeral nature of time serves as a reminder of the value of each passing moment. Life's philosophy is embodied in the pursuit of exploring the depths of consciousness and attaining inner freedom. Freedom transcends temporal constraints; it permeates every fleeting instance, illuminating the path and infusing life with meaning. True freedom lies in the ability to transform time into valuable experience, knowledge, and self-definition. Time acts as a catalyst for efforts, while freedom serves as an unwavering source of strength capable of overcoming even the most challenging trials. Forward, through the abyss of doubts, towards true happiness, embracing new opportunities and exhilarating discoveries. Forge ahead. Pursue dreams, even if the journey seems endless.


Painting 120/120cm

Oil, canvas, journal "USSR in Construction"



In our pursuit of existential understanding, we delve into the depths of our own soul. We perpetually seek truth, thus remain in perpetual motion. Behind each closed door lie untapped possibilities. In this intricate dance of life, we navigate obstacles, steadfast in our quest.

Persistence in seeking remains paramount, despite the relentless march of time. To immerse ourselves in the echoes of eternity. To ascertain our place in the world. To unravel the mysteries of the universe's design. To continue the search.


Painting 90/120cm

Oil, canvas, journal "USSR in Construction"


photo_2024-05-04 11.00.41.jpeg

Is destiny predetermined or the consequence of personal choice? It embodies the synthesis of past and present. Knowledge passed down from our ancestors serves as our guiding light. Without an understanding of our history, we stumble through the darkness of the present, devoid of direction. The past, serving as an archive of collective experience, empowers us to steer clear of repeating previous missteps. The echoes of bygone events reverberate in our current reality. In our "today," lies the essence of our "yesterday."


Painting 110/140cm

Oil, canvas, journal "USSR in Construction"


photo_2024-05-04 11.00.39.jpeg

Ambiguous meanings encircle, beckoning from the periphery of daily existence. Fiction serves as an experimental playground, offering freedom to explore topics deemed taboo in reality. Imagination acts as a conduit between the internal

and external realms, facilitating expression of the ineffable. We create a world of fabricated entities, imbuing them with ideas, dreams, and fears. Within such a realm, reality inevitably finds its path, leaving its imprint at every step. Mastering the delicate equilibrium between dream and reality constitutes the quintessence of the art of living.

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